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TADA’s Comedy Series is proud to offer a 2-week stand-up comedy workshop. Here’s an exciting opportunity to learn more about the art of stand-up comedy in a two-week course.  This workshop will be specifically tailored for adults, focusing on comedy stage technique, how to find the right material, stage presence, writing and delivery with the intent of developing a solid 5-minute set. The workshop will benefit not only those looking to do stand-up comedy but also people who are interested in improving their public speaking or theatrical comedy performances.  No experience is necessary.

Tuesday Oct. 19th (7:00 pm-9:30 pm - 2 1/2  hour session)

Tuesday Nov. 2nd (7:00 pm-9:30 pm - 2 1/2  hour session) Includes final performance

Cost: $50.00 per participant 

Age: 17 and over


A stress-free introduction to improv. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the basics of improv skills that are the basis of such skits at the foundation at Second City or The Groundlings. It takes participants through all the core principles of improv in a fun, safe environment. You’ll build self-confidence, develop your creativity, experiment, play, and learn more about team building, storytelling, innovation and a way to celebrate a team achievement. No experience necessary!


Wednesday Oct. 20th (7:00 pm-9:30 pm - 2 1/2  hour session)

Wednesday Nov. 3rd (7:00 pm-9:30 pm - 2 1/2  hour session) Includes final performance

Cost: $50.00 per participant 

Age: 17 and over


Juli Burney and Mark Sibbitt

A multiple award-winning teacher, humorist and author, Burney has headlined clubs across the country. The Nebraska comic has filmed for Showtime and HBO, along with making numerous guest appearances on radio and television programs. Sibbitt has been doing comedy for several years and honing his skills through a wide variety of appearances on stages across the Midwest including TADA’s Comedy Cabaret Series.


Matt Geiler

A Nebraska native, returns to Lincoln from L.A. He's the hilarious man behind the Pumpkin mask from "America’s Got Talent." Having toured with Wayne Brady and with more than 1,000 shows under his belt and is known for his lightning-fast wit and encyclopedic knowledge of history and pop culture.